is a young
web agency

founded by Valerio Milana and Riccardo Rocchi, two young graduates with a considerable background of knowledge in advertising graphics, marketing, communication and social media management.

Our mission is

make available to each customer the incredible visibility offered by the web, in particular by social media. Visibility often not used correctly, or in any case not fully exploited, to implement offline activities.

Our values ​​are professionalism, customer relationship and hard work to achieve the goals set.

With this in mind, the idea was born of accompanying companies that have not yet set foot on the web and consolidating those already present, thanks to professional knowledge developed with years of study and practice.

How we work?

First of all, we observe, study and get to know each of our customers, fully involving them to understand what they do, where and how.
Again, let's identify its target audience and the methods used so far for interaction. So we ask what didn't work or what doesn't work.

The success of any activity always requires careful analysis.
We cannot expect things to change if we keep doing the same things” – Albert Einstein.

We set goals and build a strategy to achieve them, a strategy tailored to each client. We plan the phases of our work in every detail and monitor the results, step by step, always alongside our customers.